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Warta调查团队提供有效且智能的GPS追踪器,其中包含您开始追踪车辆所需的一切。我们所有的跟踪设备和服务都配有预付费和预配置的SIM卡,覆盖全国。使用跟踪平台实时定位和跟踪任何车辆或资产。 GPS追踪器和远程信息处理设备,让您在地图上快速轻松地定位您的汽车、货车、摩托车或资产。


Work smarter with Vehicle Tracking platform. Locate vehicle and assets anytime, anywhere

Warta Investigation team offers effective & smart GPS trackers packed with everything you will need to start tracking your vehicle. All of our tracking devices and services come with a prepaid and pre-configured SIM card for coverage in whole country. Locate and track any vehicle or asset in real-time using tracking platform. GPS trackers and Telematics devices to allow you to locate your car, van, motorcycle or assets on the map quickly and easily.

You can monitor the movements of your vehicles in real-time while they are on a job site or on the route for delivery. The ability to locate a vehicle on demand is particularly useful in the event of an emergency; field managers can send medical aid or road assistance to employees in need depending on the severity of the situation. Businesses can use real-time tracking feature to improve their routing and to improve dispatching processes while individuals can keep an eye on their loved ones’ location, route history and their driving habits


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