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Why Us....

Warta is a elegent mix of modern investigation firm with retro hospitality touch. When comes to hospitality we believe that nothing beats those days, that's why warta investigation have done all we could in "humanising" the experience when handling our client. We don't compromise either humanising or technology when comes to serving our client. Our clients will have a whole new experience when working with us!

Warta是一个完美结合现代的高雅及复古待客之道的调查事务所。当涉及到接待时,我们相信没有什么能胜过那些日子,这就是为什么Warta调查公司在处理接待时尽一切可能的更加"人性化 "。在为客户提供服务时,我们不会在人性化或技术方面做出任何妥协。我们的客户在与我们合作时将有一个全新的体验。


Background Check


Background check investigation is crucial point when we are about to start any future collaboration with someone. It can be anyone, be it your employee, future spouse or someone related to your business.


Litigation Support


Warta Investigation team has been mastered in delivering outstanding results in litigation support services.


Market Survey

Warta Investigation team collect longitudinal data from vetted respondents and through omnichannel data capture so that you can have a more complete and trustworthy understanding of your consumer upon which to build your strategy.


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